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"Cynicism is the social disease of our age. Cynicism is what passes for insight when courage and vision are lacking. If there is such a thing as a single cure for cynicism, this book is it. The Better World Handbook gives us a step-by-step 'blueprint' for creating conscious global citizens. It's a manual for better living that you will find yourself using over and over again."

--Kevin Danaher, cofounder, Global Exchange; author, Ten Reasons for Abolishing the World Bank and the IMF

"This handbook helps you answer that age-old question, 'What can I do?' With the help of the handbook, it turns out you can easily do a lot. Buy it, share it or get it from the library, but most of all, use it to change our world for the better. This is an impressive resource for people who want their everyday actions to reflect caring and compassion for the environment and others."

--Betsy Taylor, executive director, Center for a New American Dream

"The Revolution is not just around the corner, it's around every corner. I love this old saying because it captures the important truth highlighted in this book: The world can be changed through action in our everyday lives -- where we spend our money, how we help out in our community, the ways we travel. This practical, inspiring handbook shows us that small improvements can add up to a big difference in our world."

--Jay Walljasper, editor, Utne Reader; co-author, Visionaries: People and Ideas that Can Change Your Life 

"The Better World Handbook provides a wealth of practical ideas for transforming our everyday activities of shopping, living, and working into an artful way of life that is more sustainable, just, and meaningful."

--Duane Elgin, author, Voluntary Simplicity and Promise Ahead 

"You don't have to shop 'til the planet drops. You don't have to live in a way that betrays your own ideals. There are answers. And they can be found in The Better World Handbook. Heed its suggestions and you'll feel better, plus the world will truly be a better place."

--John Robbins, author, The Food Revolution and Diet For A New America; founder, EarthSave International

"This is exactly the resource consumers need to help create a sustainable world. The extensive background information and action steps are great tools for anyone looking for ways to make change happen now!"

--Alisa Gravitz, executive director, Co-op America

"Wow! What an incredible resource! It reminds me that what people really want out of life is to make a difference and have some fun, and this book tells you how to do both at the same time. We in the Simplicity movement encourage people to buy less stuff, but books are exempt particularly books like this!"

--Cecile Andrews, author, The Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life 

"An excellent look at issues we face and concrete actions--small and large--that we can take to address them. The book also includes a large collection of useful resources."

--Paul Loeb, author, Soul of a Citizen: Living With Conviction in a Cynical Time

"People everywhere are hungry for meaning and purpose, wanting to make a difference, and be of service to something larger than themselves. The Better World Handbook provides valuable information and resources to manifest these intentions into practical reality. Keep a copy on your desk or reference shelf and use it."

--Michael Toms, CEO, New Dimensions Broadcasting Network; host and executive producer, the internationally syndicated "New Dimensions" radio interview series; co-author, True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do

"We can make the world a better place and this book shows you how easy it is to really make a difference. I highly recommend that you buy it, use it and enjoy what you can do to help create positive change."

--Jeffrey Hollender, president, Seventh Generation; author, How to Make the World a Better Place

"This is a very useful resource. If you are wondering how to start making social change, start with this Handbook."

--Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor, Tikkun magazine

"Of the many books out there for helping people integrate socially and environmentally responsible actions into their lives, this book is by far the best. Its presentation and tone is very inspiring and reader-friendly, its graphics are attractive, and its content is concise, comprehensive, and often original. "

-- Unitarian Universalist Church of Montreal newsletter

"A fantastic new guide to making responsible and creative personal choices in a world plagued by negativism and learned helplessness, the Handbook is filled with fresh ideas for escaping "nothing will change" thinking. "

-- Eco-cycle Times

"This book combines methods to balance a busy schedule with actions that help others and in turn give our lives more meaning."

--Hartford Advocate

"These practices bring an understanding of the power that each of us wields in the world and highlights how each of us is connected to our global family and the planet."


"The book gives readers a step-by-step "blueprint" for creating conscientious global citizens."

--Rapid City Journal

"It's a great book to share--splitting up actions amongst a group, congregation, or family is a good way to get started on an environmentally friendly and aware lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed."

--Enough! (Center for a New American Dream)

"Want to change society but don't know where to begin? The Better World Handbook will get you started. It's packed with basic ways to make a difference, from what to buy to what to eat."


"To counter [cynicism], [the authors] offer plans of action based on hope - that force of intention and zeal that can animate individuals to create positive change in their lives and in the interdependent world we all inhabit....Especially helpful is their list of some of the most powerful social change organizations in the world and their selection of progressive websites containing good news....Are you ready to make a difference?"

--Spirituality & Health magazine