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The NEW EDITION is now available!!! We are very excited to announce the 2007 edition of The Better World Handbook: Small Changes That Make a Big Difference. Over two years in the making, the new edition features: Updated information about the seven Foundations for a better world - New, more effective and even more practical actions - A new chapter, "Spirituality and Religion" - New and updated resources.

The Better World Handbook
is the definitive guide for the average person wanting to make a positive difference in the world. Our book is specifically designed for well-intentioned people who may be too busy to be actively involved in social change organizations. Our intention is to reach people who normally would not consider themselves activists, people who care about creating a more just and socially responsible world for everyone but don't know where to begin.

The Seven Foundations of a Better World

This knowledge section summarizes the main challenges that we as a global community face in the 21st century, provides viable alternative solutions that can be implemented, and shares examples of what thousands of people around the world are already doing.

Eco Audit: The Better World Handbook is printed on acid-free paper that is 100% old growth forest free (using either post-consumer recycled content or alternative fibers), processed chlorine free, and printed with vegetable-based, low VOC inks. Read More...

"Cynicism is the social disease of our age. Cynicism is what passes for insight when courage and vision are lacking. If there is such a thing as a single cure for cynicism, this book is it. The Better World Handbook gives us a step-by-step 'blueprint' for creating conscious global citizens. It's a manual for better living that you will find yourself using over and over again."
--Kevin Danaher, cofounder, Global Exchange; author, Ten Reasons for Abolishing the World Bank and the IMF"
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