the better world handbook

7 Foundations


economic fairness

A world dedicated to economic fairness would strive to meet every person‰s basic needs so that no one would lack food, shelter, clothing or meaningful work. People‰s strength of character and passion should determine their opportunities rather than the economic circumstances they were born into. Everyone would benefit from economic prosperity.

comprehensive peace

A world committed to comprehensive peace would shift its creative energies towards cooperation rather than competition, resolving conflict rather than escalating it, seeking justice rather than enacting revenge, and creating peace rather than preparing for war.

ecological sustainability

A world committed to ecological sustainability would create a new vision of progress that recognizes that the future of humanity depends upon our ability to live in harmony and balance with our natural world.

deep democracy

A world built on deep democracy would empower citizens to participate in shaping their futures everyday, not just on election day, provide broad access to quality information, and democratize our most powerful institutions.

social justice

A world dedicated to social justice is a place where everyone receives respect and equal access to jobs, education and health care, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, physical or mental abilities, economic background, or sexual orientation.

culture of simplicity

A culture of simplicity would encourage each person to find meaning and fulfillment by pursuing their true passions, fostering loving relationships, and living authentic, reflective lives rather than by seeking status and material possessions.

revitalized community

A revitalized community would create a healthy and loving environment for people to celebrate their many shared values while embracing individual differences, and provide support for each person‰s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

We begin each foundation by describing the challenges that face us at home and around the world. Following each set of challenges we launch into concrete goals, viable alternatives which can help us confront each challenge and construct each foundation. We also give inspiring examples of thousands of dedicated people around the world who are already making a positive difference. Finally, each foundation ends with some of the best, most accessible resources available for you to learn more about each issue.