the better world handbook

eco audit

Paper consumption is growing twice as fast as any other wood product and in the year 2010, the world will consume 50% more paper than in 1998. Every book that you purchase supports New Society Publishers Ancient Forest Free Paper Initiative and moves us all one step towards ending global deforestation and climate change. Your purchase of The Better World Handbook is a powerful consumer choice that will encourage other publishers to switch to ancient forest-friendly papers.

For every 10,000 books printed on post-consumer waste used instead of virgin fiber, New Society Publishers saves the following resources:

Environmental benefits are calculated based on research done by the Environmental Defense Fund and the other members of the Paper Task Force who studied the environmental impacts of the paper industry. Contact the EDF for a copy of their report and the latest updates on their data. Trees saved calculation based on trees with a 10" diameter. Actual diameter of trees cut for pulp range from 6" up to very large, old growth trees. Home energy use equivalent provided by Pacific Gas and Electric Co., San Francisco. Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and Absorbable Organic Compounds (AOX). Landfill space saved based on American Paper Institute, Inc. publication, Paper Recycling and its Role in Solid Waste Management.