the better world handbook

6 things that make this book unique
& why we wrote it

Action Oriented

The real strength of The Better World Handbook lies in its simple, concrete actions. Too many books discuss the world's problems without offering actions that the average person can take to make a difference. Our book is completely action oriented. We give you all the necessary information, making each action as simple as possible. We also encourage you to interact with the book by writing notes and checking off the actions you complete.

Intuitive Organization

We have organized The Better World Handbook in the most intuitive way possible. Chapters in most books about social change relate to general topics rather than concrete areas of life. People are not accustomed to thinking about their lives in this way. We organize The Better World Handbook intuitively, according to areas of people's everyday lives. People are more likely to take actions related to concrete areas of their own lives such as Shopping, Food, and Travel rather than general problems like 'Saving the Environment,' 'Bringing Peace to the World,' or 'Working for Social Justice.' You will find actions in every part of your life that can make a positive difference in the world.

Written For The Average Person

We have written The Better World Handbook for the average person. Too often, books on social change are oriented towards academics or activists already in social change networks. While our book may appeal to those audiences, we wish to reach average well-intentioned people who care about the world but have little time, interest, or resources to engage in 'traditional' activism. To this end, we keep the overall tone of the book positive and solution focused so as not to weigh down the reader with the world's problems.

Everyday Activism

The Better World Handbook offers actions that most people can take NOW. Many books propose grand solutions to social problems but fail to offer immediate, everyday actions for the reader to take. For example, most people will not picket a corporation's headquarters, but they may boycott a corporation's products if they use sweatshop labor. Whenever possible, we suggest actions connected to everyday life.

Comprehensive Approach

The Better World Handbook covers a range of values and social problems, integrating corresponding actions into every area of the reader's life. Many books are 'single issue' oriented; they focus exclusively on the environment, political activism, or social justice. Our book is much more comprehensive, guiding you towards the possibility of living out your values in every aspect of your life. We also thoroughly research a variety of global problems, offering a creative, comprehensive vision for a better world.

Engaging Format

We have written and designed The Better World Handbook in the most engaging way possible. Believing that we must engage you, the reader, before you will ever consider our actions, we include icons, text boxes, cartoons, graphs, checklists, tables, resources and imagery. We keep the tone positive, inspiring the reader by demonstrating the difference she or he can make in the world through simple lifestyle changes.

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